Mastercam 2020 Public Beta Release

CNC Software, the makers of Mastercam want your feedback! The next generation of Mastercam, Mastercam 2020 is open for Public Beta testing to all currently maintained Mastercam customers. The Beta release can be downloaded from the Mastercam website and will be supported through their Customer Forum, which is staffed with CNC applications engineers, posts writers, technical support, software developers, and QC engineers. Please note that San Diego CAD/CAM is NOT supporting the Beta version and you must contact CNC Software directly for support.

Beta Updates and Known Issues
CNC Software is planning to release a new public beta approximately once a month. Known issues, updated bug fixes, and other details will be delivered when you install the current Mastercam 2020 Beta and through the Mastercam forum.

General disclaimer
Mastercam 2020 Public Beta provided as a part of an early access program. Although it has been extensively tested, it is not yet released and we cannot guarantee it for use in a production environment. Please use at your own risk.

For full details and to download the Beta, please click below.

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With the upcoming release of Mastercam 2020, you will no longer be able to update or receive support for your copy of Mastercam X8. If you update now, you have the opportunity for dramatic savings and revolutionary, industry-changing new technologies!

Mastercam X8 was released nearly seven years ago. Although it still gets the job done, you are missing out on dramatic advances across the entire Mastercam family, including our breakthrough Dynamic MotionTM and Accelerated FinishingTM Technologies:

Thousands of existing users have already taken advantage of the new technology introduced in Mastercam since X8 was released. Help Shape the Future of Manufacturing by updating today! Contact us today for more information.

Mastercam 2019 Update 1

We have just released Mastercam 2019 Update 1 to the general public. You can find the downloads for Mastercam and Mastercam 2019 for SOLIDWORKS in the Support/Downloads section of

There are two ways to install Mastercam and Mastercam 2019 Update 1 for SOLIDWORKS on your system:

  1. A full USB and web installation are available for download on If Mastercam (version 21.0.17350.0) or Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS 2019 (version 21.0.17350.10) is not installed on a system, this must be used.
  2. A patch installation is available for download on or through the Automated Update System. It is therefore not necessary to uninstall the RTM build to upgrade to Update 1.

Notes on 2019 Update 1:

  • Version information
    • Mastercam version number 21.0.18440.0.
    • Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS version number21.0.18440.10.
  • The maintenance cutoff date for this release is May 31, 2018, which is the same as the RTM build. If maintenance expires on this date or later, Mastercam 2019 will run. If it expires before this date, it will not run.
  • This version will not time out.
  • This is a standalone version and can be installed with other Mastercam versions on your machine. Prior versions of Mastercam 2019 with the exception of 21.0.17350.0 or 21.0.17350.10must be uninstalled before using this build. Uninstallation instructions can be found below.

Uninstalling previous Public Beta or Technology Preview builds:

  • Backup any files you may wish to save
  • Uninstall any previous 2019 Beta or Tech Preview build(s)
    • Open Windows Control Panel
    • Select Programs and Features
    • Right click on the product you wish to uninstall and select Uninstall
  • Delete the following folders
    • For Mastercam:
      • c:\Program Files\mcam2019
      • (Optional): C:\Users\your logon\Documents\my mcam2019
      • (Optional): C:\Users\Public\Documents\shared mcam2019
    • For Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS
      • C:\Program Files\McamforSW2019
      • (Optional) C:\Users\your logon\Documents\my MCamforSW2019
      • (Optional) C:\Users\Public\Documents\shared mcamforsw2019
  • Delete the following registry keys
    • For Mastercam:
      • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\CNC Software, Inc.\Mastercam 2019
      • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\CNC Software, Inc.\Mastercam 2019
    • For Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS:
      • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\CNC Software, Inc.\Mastercam 2019 for SOLIDWORKS
      • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\CNC Software, Inc.\Mastercam 2019for SOLIDWORKS

Installation Instructions:

  1. Click on this link and log in:
  2. Select the version you would like to download (Mastercam or Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS).
  3. Download the appropriate files for your install.
    1. If web installs were selected, after the file has downloaded, double-click the .exe to begin the installation.
    2. If the USB (.ZIP – includes Mastercam and Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS installs) file was downloaded, unzip the file to a location on your computer and double-click the launcher.exe to begin the installation.
    3. If the patch install is selected, after the file has downloaded, double-click the .exe to begin the installation.
  4. Follow the instructions during the installation. It does take a minute or two for the install to launch so please be patient.

Thank you.