Mastercam Support

Technical Support

San Diego CAD CAM offers two different options for customer support:

Option 1: SDCC Technical Support  This is an annual fee that includes:

  • Unlimited email/phone support from SDCC during normal office hours.
  • One (1) on-site visit per year (up to 2 hours)
  • Unlimited GoToMeeting support
  • Post updates to current version (providing post is updateable)

Option 2: SDCC Pay-As-You-Go  You will be charged by the hour for your call/email plus time-related to solving your issue. (Note: There are no support charges for SIM Code generation and a company Purchase Order or Credit Card number is required before the support can be given.)

When calling for technical support, please follow these guidelines:

  • Provide your contact information
  • Mastercam version you are running with the serial number of your SIM.
  • Be ready to describe the problem in detail.
  • Be in front of your computer when you call.
  • Try to duplicate the problem before calling. Support may require you to duplicate the problem while you are on the phone.
  • When you call, you may need to have a complete description of your hardware, including your operating system (OS), central processing unit (CPU), mouse, and memory.
  • Know if your company has SDCC Annual Support and if not, please have a Purchase Order or credit card number available.
  • If sending an e-mail, please include above information in your email plus: Telephone number and contact information where you can be reached, Files required to reproduce the issue you are having including the Mastercam geometry file, system configuration files and post processors.
  • Mastercam customers should use the Zip2Go utility to gather Mastercam part data into a Z2G file and attach this file to the e-mail. This can be found in the Help menu.

On-Site Support – All on-site technical support is billable at a separate hourly rate plus mileage.


Current Mastercam Maintenance Customers
As a Mastercam customer, you know the value that top-of-the-line CAD/CAM delivers. Now you can enhance that value by making sure your Mastercam software is always up-to-the-minute – and your shop always has the latest tools to keep you ahead of the competition.

The Mastercam Maintenance Program is a software delivery plan designed to provide you with the most recent enhancements, the latest software tools, and the best new features. This means that your investment in Mastercam will continue to pay off by keeping your shop at the top of its game.

Maintenance Program allows you to budget your expenditures on an annual basis. Purchasing updates is no longer a budgetary variable. Now you can plan all your update costs in advance. New software is available to you immediately upon release, so you don’t have to wait until your next budget is approved.

Key Features

    • Major releases are made available to customers with active Maintenance at no additional charge.
    • The software is marked for special handling to help ensure that Maintenance customers receive their software first.
    • Maintenance customers have early access to any brand new features that are pre-released to Maintenance customers and you can download these as soon as they are ready.
    • Special features on are made available to maintenance customers only.

Non-Maintenance Customers
If your company has chosen not to subscribe to Mastercam Maintenance, or if your maintenance contract has expired, please call us for a quote to get on the Annual maintenance program so you can take advantage of all the great benefits listed above!

Post Processors

Post Processor Modifications

Mastercam Maintenance Customers – Customers who are currently subscribed to Mastercam Maintenance will receive LIBRARY post processors FREE of charge. Any personalized Post modifications requests will be charged at $75 hour.

Non-Maintenance Customers – Library post processors are installed with the software.  If you require delivery from SDCC they may be purchased at $150 plus any additional modifications at an additional $125 hour.

New Customers – Library post processors are FREE to all customers. Modifications Modifications for new customers will be charged at an additional $75 hour (the first hour free) with subscribed maintenance. (Without maintenance see above)

To all customers:  Library Post processors may be found with your initial install.

Custom Post Processors

There are still many machine tools out there that do not have generic post processors written.  For these, a written quote estimating price and delivery will be provided to the customer only after receiving adequate information to write the post as follows:

Make a written request for post processors and email it to us.

The NC programming manual or copy of the manual for the machine tool may be needed. This manual holds the detailed description of address formats and the meaning of the NC codes.

A sample drawing or description of the type of parts that will typically be manufactured. (This helps to determine the complexity and feasibility of the post).

A sketch or picture of the machine tool with signed axis labels for all moving axes on the machine. This is critical for multi-axis and router machines. For multi-axis machines, this includes layout details of the rotary axes, with angular limits of each specified. For router posts, this includes details about aggregate tooling, drill blocks, etc. with details of the orientation of such attachments as they are mounted on the machine.

NC program examples of the functions you wish to be supported by the post. (Many times the machine manuals do not show the required format of your preferred format).

Without adequate information, it is difficult, if not impossible, to either create a successful post or determine the amount of work required to modify or write a custom post processor. Once we have received the necessary documentation, a written quote will be generated and forwarded to you for your approval.